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5 Tips to Help You Achieve a Great Work-Life Balance

With all work and no play making Jack a dull boy (plus stressed, unhappy and exhausted), is having great work-life balance necessary? Today we look at understanding what having a work-life balance means, plus five simple tips on how you too can achieve one.

What is a Work-Life Balance & Do I Need One?

Feeling like you never spend quality time with your kids anymore? Are you only home to sleep and eat nowadays? Finding that socialising with others just doesn’t rank on your to-do list anymore? Well, you may have joined the ranks of many business owners who suffer from a poor work-life balance.

It’s the ability to live well and work well which many of us struggle with. A work-life balance is about feeling fulfilled and successful both in your working and private life. It’s doing the things you feel are important: having meaningful enjoyment and achievement every single day at work, with family, with friends and for yourself.

In other words, it’s about winning.  Sometimes winning at everything just seems like too much work, and you take a loss at something to achieve something else. Those losses add up over time though, creating guilt, high-stress levels and even relationship problems.

Do you need a balance? Yes, we think so, and we’ve got five tips to help you achieve it.

How to Achieve a Successful Work-Life Balance

You’ve decided you want to improve your work-life balance (or are at least thinking about doing so). Here are five tips which can help you get started:

  1. Identify your goals – what will make you feel great about your work and your personal life? These are the things you need to aim to achieve.
  2. Set your boundaries – you know what you want to achieve, now it’s time to decide what you will and won’t do. This includes saying no to people and things when they don’t fall within your ideal plan.
  3. Communicate – get all involved parties on side by explaining what you will and won’t do, plus the reasons behind them both.
  4. Rethink things through – is a spotlessly clean home really that important to you? Do you need to visit the supermarket to shop, or could you order online? Identify what is important and what is negotiable.
  5. Get active – you’ve already got a busy life but adding exercise to it will make it easier. Endorphins, increased energy and improved concentration are all benefits of daily exercise and can help you achieve more.

There’s one more thing we need to add. You don’t need to do everything and be everyone for your business! Our team of business advisors and accountants are here to help you take the load off by working with you and your business. Learn more about the services we offer here on our website, and then give us a call to get started today.

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