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Free Marketing Ideas for Small Kiwi Businesses

You’ve got a tight budget, so any free marketing ideas you can use are a huge bonus. Thankfully, you’ve got an awesome business and accounting team in MBP which love nothing more than helping you out…which is why we’ve put together this collection of 12 brilliant free marketing ideas for you!

12 Effective Free Marketing Ideas

Marketing is a great tool you can use to promote your business and attract new clientele. One big problem though: traditional marketing can be very expensive. If only there were some free marketing ideas you could try instead …

Well, there are, and we’ve made a list of 12 for you to try:

  1. Offer a free initial meeting – ideal if you offer a service, encourage new leads by giving them a short 20-minute consultation.
  2. Use social media often – it’s free as long as you don’t pay for advertising! Use the most suitable platforms for your audience and offer a 20/80 spilt of promotion and entertainment/useful help.
  3. Host a free online event or class – give your audience something of value by teaching them something online. You could even do this on social media, YouTube or use free webinar software.
  4. Send email newsletters – send regular newsletters out to those who have signed up for them. Growing your list can be hard, but things such as offering a discount or the chance to win a prize for an email address.
  5. Join a free B2B networking group – there are plenty of both online and face to face networking groups to which you can promote your business within.
  6. Volunteer – giver your time to a local charity, getting your business name out there and growing your brand awareness.
  7. Write guest articles – write articles for other websites in return for them telling their readers that you were the author and sharing a link to your business website.
  8. Enter business awards – look for the creditable and free business awards around NZ that you can enter. As well as helping you focus on your business and receive valuable feedback, you may also be promoted as an entrant or winner.
  9. Ask for testimonials from your clients or customers – use these to help promote your business to your followers. Social proof is a highly effective way of increasing sales.
  10. Create a lead magnet – a lead magnet is something that you give away in order to obtain an email address. It could be an eBook you have written or a checklist on how to do something.
  11. Create a QR code – make yourself a QR code and use it in your marketing efforts to encourage people to follow your brand. Adding it to posters, business cards and on social media works well.
  12. Cross-promote with other businesses – ask another business to shout out to their followers about you, and in return, you’ll do the same for them.

Build A Brand

Finally, spend time focusing on building your brand identity, the major factors which make your business stand out above your competitors. Take a read of our article How to Create a Stellar Brand Identity, and then get in touch to discover the many other ways our business services team can help you grow your business.

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