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Building a Business Based on Values

Every day you will make decisions and choices based on your values. Whether you notice it or not, these values are an important part of your identity. They have a profound impact on the way you conduct yourself. Its the same for a business, so having a well defined set of core values is important for every organisation.

The Importance of Values in Business

Values are the essence of a company’s identity. They support the business strategy, vision and are they key drivers of the development of culture within an organisation. Your business values can not be forced upon you or made to fit. To work, they have to be organic. This means they have to be developed from within the organisation in order to be authentic to you and your team.

A clear set of values are the foundation for a great business culture. They make leading and managing your team (and client relations) a lot easier. When you have a team that lives and breathes your values they are far more likely to achieve your business goals. This aligned thinking and acting helps to make everyone (including you) enjoy going to work and deliver their best.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. – Peter Drucker

Benefits of Developing Core Values

A defined set of core values has a range of positive impacts on a business and can help you to:

  • Build a clear foundation for your business culture because that this is fundamental to your business success,
  • Increase alignment within your team,
  • Clearly communicate what is important to you, your team and the business,
  • Determine the values that will drive your business to achieve its vision,
  • Result in defined values that will guide expected behaviours and how your team members will interact with each other and your customers,
  • Provide a framework and foundation for effective communication and as a result maintain more positive interactions,
  • Reduce workplace stress and tension and build better working relationships,
  • Set-up well defined values that act as ‘decision-making filters‘ for the day to day operation of the business,
  • Differentiate your business from that of your competitors,
  • Use as a primary recruitment and consequently a retention tool, so you obtain and retain the best staff that share those values,
  • Take positive actions because of an aspiration to live into the Core Values you develop together as a team,

Our Core Values

One of the first things we did when we set out on our business journey was to define our own set of core values that would help to guide us along the way.


Approaching work and life with balance, passion and positivity.

We love what we do at MBP and we look forward to ‘just another day at the office’ because we know it’ll be a fun and rewarding day. We also work to make it as enjoyable as possible for our clients, an uphill battle at time as many people aren’t as passionate about number crunching as we are.


Providing outcomes that are accurate, usable and understandable.

There is no point in us doing what we do if we don’t make every effort to first get it right. We then make sure that  you, our client, understands what we have done. Understanding ensures that it can be usable information or actionable advice. Many accounting firms end their pursuit of quality at getting the number crunching spot-on. We take it a step further by engaging with our clients to make sure they clients actually understand the numbers. This is why we developed our Financial Awareness Coaching service.


Open and friendly communication to inspire positive collaboration.

We firmly believe that your accountant isn’t someone that you should just see once a year. All of our services are designed to lower the barriers between client and accountant. We encourage regular and open lines of contact. This helps us to empower you to make proactive changes. Being proactive allows you to maximise opportunities and minimise threats to your business throughout the year.


Leading through a commitment to proactive learning, development and challenging ideas.

We work in an industry that has seen disruptive change over a few short years. Our commitment to not fear but embrace this change has seen us go from strength to strength while many of our legacy colleagues have struggled.


Sustainable commitments to our team, our clients and our greater community and environment.

The team at MBP know that the actions we take have a flow on effect to more than just the people within our four walls. It is armed with this knowledge and understanding that we engage and support the communities that we operate in across the country. From providing man power to local initiatives through to software, advice and support to community groups and charities across the country. We make a concerted effort to leave our communities stronger from our presence there.

Walking The Talk

At MBP we live and breath our values every day. They are what guide or relationships with our clients as well as with our team members, their families and the wider community. If you haven’t already, we recommend you look at identifying and defining your own core values.

Developing Your Core Values

Experience has shown that the most effective way to develop your Core Values is to have a neutral facilitator lead the process for you. This is why we have developed our Core Values Development service to allow you to create a set of core values for your business. These values will provide a great foundation for your business and will offer a guide for the way that you and your team interact with each other and with your customers and the wider community.

Give one of our MBP Business Advisors a call on 0800 86 85 86. Alternatively, flick an email through to [email protected] to discuss how our Core Values Development service can help you and your business.

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