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Top 8 Reasons to Hire a Business Advisor in 2023

As 2022 fades to a close and the uncertainty of last year spills over into 2023, it’s no wonder why more businesses than ever are working with business advisors and coaches to prepare for whatever might happen next.
Before you move on from 2022, take a hard look at your business – where it is, where you want to go, and whether you have a clearly defined roadmap of how to achieve your goals. Working with an MBP Business Advisor will help you create a plan for 2023 and help you adapt as things come up. With a year of uncertainty behind us and another ahead, having that support will be crucial for the short and long term future of your business.

Here are our top 8 reasons you should be working with a business advisor or coach in 2023;

1) Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

As human beings we tend to be creatures of habit. Generally speaking we have the tendency to seek out comfort and familiarity, yet growth happens when we step outside our comfort zone. Often business owners are blind to being stuck in a familiarity rut and need an outside perspective to help bring awareness to where they are currently and then help make a plan to break that pattern to bring about true change to your business. In order for your business to reach its highest potential, we have to put in serious work and that is by definition uncomfortable.

2) Get Personal Attention from your Business Advisor

How often do you have someone who focuses only on you and your business for an entire hour? Now, imagine having a weekly small business coaching call for the next year.  A small business coach who knows the ins and outs of your business who gives you undivided attention focusing on just you and your business – that is where real change is effectuated. Working through issues by helping you be aware of them and resolve them as they come up, working on your leadership skills, making sure you have the right employees, helping you create a plan for the short and long term of your business, and creating measurable goals, are a few of the ways personal attention with a small business coach will benefit you and your business.

3) Your Business Advisor is Someone Who Isn’t Afraid of Calling You Out

A small business coach will confront you as your business’s leader when you are doing something at odds with your mission, purpose, and goals so you can improve your leadership skills. Like all athletic coaches, while you have to do the actual hard work, a small business coach will hold you accountable, guide your professional development, and help your entire leadership team take your business to the next level.

4) Make Your Ideas a Reality

There’s really one goal with small business coaching services. That goal is to help make your ideas and dreams into reality. Every entrepreneur has big goals and brilliant ideas but what is often lacking is knowing where to start and what goals to tackle first. Lack of organization and clarity in how to achieve your goals is a real pain point for so many business owners. A small business coach will help you evaluate your goals, figure out if they are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound), and help you create a plan so you can achieve everything you desire.

5) Gain Confidence from Support

Being a business owner is a journey with serious highs and lows. It is often hard to discuss how you are honestly feeling with family, friends, and your employees. They aren’t business owners, they don’t have the same shared experiences as you, so often if you do try to tell them, they just won’t get it. Additionally, no one wants to burden the people in their lives and often business owners feel this pressure to appear like they have it all together at all moments because so many other people are depending on them. A small business coach provides that confidential, quiet space to freely discuss your fears but also celebrate your wins. A business coach serves as a sounding board and helps you problem-solve, so you gain confidence in yourself as a business owner and thus as a leader for your business.

6) Make More Money

Business coaching companies will help you make more money. It is not an expense, it is an investment in your business to hire a small business coach. The return on investment speaks for itself. By becoming a better leader, improving your efficiency and productivity through working with a small business coach, the benefits will spread throughout your company impacting employees at all levels. As you become a more efficient business you will make more money. Whether you are just starting a business or have been in operation for years, a small business coach will help flatten your learning curve, give you the courage to get out of your own way so you can charge what you are worth, become more creative and start a new line of products or increase your prices.

7) Be Held Accountable by your Business Advisor

Accountability starts with you as the business owner. Here is the problem with self-accountability: You are not always going to feel like doing everything you need to do; who is checking on you as the business owner to make sure you are in fact being disciplined and taking responsibility? You need to focus on yourself in order to show up for yourself and for your business. A business coach for small businesses can be thought of as an accountability partner for you.

8) Hear Unbiased Opinions from your Business Advisor

In working with a business coach for small businesses, you will develop a relationship where your coach knows more about your business than anyone else (except you of course!). They also will come to you with no biases about your industry or company, having never worked in your business. When you have questions as a leader, this provides a great forum for unbiased advice to help you come up with the answers to your problems.


Still Wondering how hiring a small business advisor can help you in 2021? Contact us to schedule a free Meet & Greet chat and discover how small business advisory and coaching services can best help you and your business.

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