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Tag: Solopreneur

16 Things Which Help Create a Successful Business Mindset

A strong business mindset doesn’t come easily to everyone. Fortunately, there are things that business owners can do to ensure their business succeeds. We’ve put together a list of 16 key things you can do to create a successful business mindset. 16 Tasks to Help You Create a Successful Business

Transforming Your Hobby into a Profitable Business

Your considering turning your hobby into a profitable business but have a few questions you’d like answered first. We’re guessing they include questions such as: How do I know if it will be successful? What steps do I need to take to set up a new business? Should I quit

Should My Business Be Concerned About Cyber Security?

If cyber security isn’t on your business’ list of top priorities, should you be worried? We think so. As cyber attacks grow in number and severity, keeping your business’ information safe is essential. Even if you’re not super technically minded, there are some key steps you can take to secure

5 Tips to Help You Achieve a Great Work-Life Balance

With all work and no play making Jack a dull boy (plus stressed, unhappy and exhausted), is having great work-life balance necessary? Today we look at understanding what having a work-life balance means, plus five simple tips on how you too can achieve one. What is a Work-Life Balance &

Top 9 Mistakes New Business Owners Make

New business owners are a special breed of people. Motivated, idea-driven and entrepreneurial, they enjoy a challenge and are not afraid to step outside of their comfort zone. Yet with around a 40% chance of a business with five or fewer employees surviving the first four years, the statistics are

Running a Business with an Abundance Mentality

There are a huge number of benefits to running a business with an abundance mentality, but what is it. What is an Abundance Mentality In short, an abundance mentality is an acknowledgement that there is enough demand in the market to support many businesses. Its essentially the business version of

Looking for NZ’s Best Start-Up Business Ideas?

There’s nothing quite like Kiwi ingenuity when it comes to identifying the best start-up business ideas. A quick look at Taupo’s tourist attractions (and those across New Zealand) demonstrates this perfectly! Who would have thought people would pay money to jump off a bridge with a rubber band attached to