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With the government announcement of the change to Level 3 and moving to Level 4 Lockdown in the next 24 hours, we understand that this will have a dramatic impact on our client’s and their businesses.

We fully understand the likely impact, and we are working as quickly as possible to be able to fully support our clients through this time.  But as you will appreciate, we are getting information at the same time as you are, so we don’t always have the answers or reassurance that you are looking for immediately.  Please bear with us and rest assured, we are doing everything that we can to be here to support you.

The level of client calls though does mean our response times getting back to you may be a bit longer.  We appreciate your understanding regarding this.

In the short term, our response will be to contact every client regarding the Business Wage and Leave Subsidies that the Government has announced.

If you don’t have Cloud Payroll Software and think that you may need our assistance to make applications, please email your MBP Business Partner as soon as possible a report showing your staff names, IRD numbers, and Dates of Birth.  We will need this information to make Wage and Leave Subsidy applications on your behalf. You will need to email this to us before the level 4 restrictions start tomorrow night. Our admin team will no longer be supporting your MBP Business Advisor directly after 5pm tomorrow (24th March 2020).

If you have couriered something to our Taupo office, we have made arrangements with the courier companies to have these redirected.

Once the subsidy applications have been launched, we will start to assist clients to assess the likely impact on their cashflows and talking to their bank.

The third wave of our support will be to assist with planning to try and minimise the longer-term impact of this. This is really the perfect time to start working on your business while its impossible to work normally in it.

Please contact your MBP Business Partner at any stage through the next four weeks.  We are all working from home and are here to support you as best we can in this difficult time.

The MBP​ Family wishes you and your family all the best through these difficult times, stay safe and healthy.

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