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Do You Need An Accountability Coach?

We all have things we’ve wanted to get done for ages but are no closer to getting them sorted today than we were a year ago. It could be anything from writing a book, a blog, redeveloping your website or putting time aside to develop your business. The list of things we’d like to do but just aren’t doing is often long. If this sounds like you, it might be time you got yourself an accountability coach.

What is Accountability Coaching?

Accountability coaching is your business’ secret weapon.

Your accountability coach is a person who you hold yourself accountable to for achieving the goals you set yourself or that you set with them.

It involves partnering with a coach that will understand your vision, your goals and will discuss with you the steps and tasks that need to be undertaken to get to where you want to be. They take those list of unfinished or not yet begun tasks, they prioritise them and then work with you to develop a timeline to completion. Your accountability coach then holds you responsible for achieving those tasks.

Your accountability coach will get in touch with you regularly for coaching sessions. As you tick off the tasks assigned in the times allocated, you’ll get that instant gratification that everyone craves but that you seldom get when working alone on these small but important tasks. If you don’t deliver, you’ll usually suffer some sort of penalty. This generally varies between coaches and clients. Some pay a penalty fee, others make unique arrangements based on what motivates them the most.

Ongoing failure isn’t an option. Your accountability coach will work with you as much as is needed to get you to develop the new skills and habits to start working through your list. If, however, you are unable to meet any of your deadlines, no matter how much coaching and support, your coach will likely dump you. If you are not benefiting from their services, there is no point in continuing.

How Would An Accountability Coach Help Me?

Your accountability coach helps to end the frustration that’s building up inside you at not being able to get that list of wants and needs ticked off.

They are able to help you with whatever you need. From personal wish-lists to business development. Whether you want to get your books in order, lose some weight or get a novel written, the list of things your accountability coach can help with is endless.

Accountability coaching is all about helping you to achieve your measures of success while simultaneously developing new and more productive habits. These are habits that will serve you well long after you ever finish your coaching.

Finding The Right Accountability Coach

Take your time to find a coach that is a good fit. This needs to be someone that you can open up to. That you don’t mind sharing your hopes, dreams and aspirations with. Someone that you connect with, trust and respect.

At MBP, we offer monthly and quarterly business coaching but we aren’t accountability coaches. We leave that to the experts. One of the best accountability coaches that we have worked with is AJ Pipe. AJ is a specialist business owners accountability coach. She has run her own businesses so understands the obstacles you face to achieving your goals. Her flexibility and the ability to ‘rent her brain’ means that your coaching with her can change with the needs of your business month to month. Reach out to AJ here to start a conversation and see if she is the right fit for you.


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